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‘Heavenly’ has changed my life! I was suffering from restless sleep and occasional insomnia for quite some time when I got my hands on ‘Heavenly’. Nor that I was believer or even hopeful that it would work but I liked the smell and decided to try. By using just a few drops as directed I started to sleep better right away. Now that I’ve been using it for sometime I feel that I can skip some time as I just started to sleep sound through the nights. Nothing else in my life was changed so I can completely attribute all the credit for my restful sleep to ‘Heavenly’. And, obviously, with sleeping well at night my daytime performance and mood improved significantly.
I cannot thank its creator Sumeet Beri enough for this simple to use and beyond effective solution to a very common problem.


Dr. Olga

Is clear as the essence of Doc beri reduced and I remove my headache. Thank you very much doctor

Mark Campell

Testimonial: About 2 weeks ago, I started applying Docberi Heavenly Essential Oil on my face and I have noticed an amazing difference in a short period of time. On the first night I took a few drops on my fingers and rubbed it gently in circular motions all over my face. The next morning when I woke up, I touched my face and felt a smoothness that I had never felt before. Over the next few days, I received several comments that my face was glowing. I attribute it to the Heavenly oil since I do not get any facials nor do I apply heavy makeup. Also, infrequently I get one or two pimples on my face. One such time, I applied Heavenly oil directly on the pimple and it disappeared overnight. I am really fascinated with the effects of Docberi Heavenly Essential Oil on my face in such a short period of time. Thanks Sumeet for all that you do for your patients above and beyond dental care and for your healing touch.

Dr. A. Sehgal

My daughter needed her wisdom teeth out.  I have been through this awful procedure with my two older daughters, the grogginess from coming off of the drugs, the swollen face, ice packs, soft food and watching your child suffer and be miserable for two weeks.

When it was Anne’s time we made a consultation with Dr. Beri and he talked about this new procedure (PRP?) with essential oils complementing the procedure to control swelling and pain.  I was skeptical –because of my experiences with my other two daughters– but I trusted Dr. Beri completely.  (I’ve known his work on my family for over 15 years.) 

When Anne completed the procedure I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in the room to see her and she was awake, appeared to be in no pain and ready to go home.  We left and she had a quiet day.  I had to go out of town the next day and I remember her calling me and asking if she could have pizza (Pizza—a day after surgery!) —and of course I said no—you’ve just had surgery!  Well the next day when I returned home she told me that she had pizza and was eating normal food—less than 48 hours after having her wisdom teeth removed. 

This is the best procedure and using the essential oils and applying it to the cheeks she had no pain and no swelling…Amazing!  I highly recommend this procedure and the supplements of his essential oils.’

Cindy Giles

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