Managing stress is the key !! 
Within 5-15 minutes of Inhaling, DocBeri’s Heavenly Essential Oil Blend, patients state they feel, less stressed, more relaxed, and calmer overall. !!
Stress can be from an emotional or  physical (diet, chemicals, trauma, etc) reason. 
Bottom line is once the brain is stressed, the brain goes into a self preserving protective mode resulting in Fight or Flight !

What is stress?

Imagine that the mind body and soul are like a gyroscope
Each spinning ring represents:
Emotional stress- our thoughts 
Physical stress-  on the body 
Internal stress -from malnutrition, which affects emotional stability 

When balanced, it operates smoothly…

When stresses  are excessively placed on any or all of the rings, each  slow down or speed up to compensate for the weakest ring, while creaking groaning and moaning,  the unbalanced system eventually falls apart.

Where does pain come from?

It is the brains job to feel stress and discomfort, emotional  pain etc. from everywhere else on in the body

What is the anatomy of stress?

What part of the body is affected by stress?

Below is a SPECT scan of a healthy brain.

This regions are primarily associated with factors of stress like anxiety, lower pain threshold , etc. (courtesy of

Below is a SPECT scan showing high limbic activity

(courtesy of

Simple Anatomy of the brain showing the limbic system of the brain.

Why does DocBeri’s Heavenly heavenly work on people with stress?

The Sense of smell is the most sensitive of all the senses, which PERMANENTLY ETCHES an image or experience associated with that particular time in your memory, good or bad.
A smell WILL call up memories and powerful responses almost instantaneously.
The olfactory bulb is part of the brain’s limbic system , an area so closely associated with memory and feeling it’s sometimes called the “emotional brain”.
The amygdala which processes those emotions is very close by, along with the hippocampus, that is responsible for associative learning.
It is this association where, a smell can bring on a flood of memories, good or bad, which can influence people’s moods almost immediately.
Diffusing the synergistic blend distracts the brain, and disassociates their bad experience with the smell that most dental or medical facilities exude.
The spa like smell then CREATES the opportunity to RECREATE a better memory for the patient, the doctor and even the entire team.

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