Blend created with pure therapeutic grade essential oils.
Recommended use:
Wash hands.  Apply 1-2 drops on palms, rub briefly, Cup hands over nose, avoiding eyes, and breathe in to feel the REV.  WARNING: Avoid use 4 hours before normal bedtime, or on sensitive areas. REV your H2O, or beverage of choice with ONE drop of REV.


DocBeri’s Heavenly Magic StressLess Therasqueeze.
Instructions: Open package after washing hands,
StressLess by squeezing, punching,
pummeling, kneading, while inhaling, and
absorbing a tiny bit of Heavenly!
Contains certified therapeutic essential oils
designed to reduce pain and inflammation,
relax muscles and the mind, promoting healing
and a sense of well being.
Hypoallergenic putty base,
DocBeri’s Heavenly Essential Oils,
Organic Coconut Lotion,
Organic Coconut Oil,
Shea Butter,Vitamin E

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