Oil source: 

Vetiver roots.

General description:

The vetiver is a common type of grass in Indian sub-continent. This has a very mild smell which has very effective and cooling effect on people. People use them in beverage factory, perfume industry and cooling industries. The oil is collected from the roots of vetiver plant by distillation process. The oil contains various beneficial components for us.

Benefits of the oil:

This is another great gift of the nature. The vetiver oil can help people get rid of all kinds of inflammation. This is also another oil which helps us to remove scar from our skin and make them more beautiful. The oil can increase sexual desire among people and it also helps to enhance the libido. Helps people to maintain a very good immune system and lead a very energetic life.

How to apply:

The application is also simple. You need to just massage the oil all over your body. You can target specific areas to apply more of it.

Medical information:

This oil does not have any issue with it so you can apply it without any worry.

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