Oil source: 

White far plant

General description:

This is another gift of the nature for us. The white far essential oil is collected from the white far plant leaves. This provides various benefits for the user, but under certain condition. The plant provides the best oil if and only if it is grown in natural condition. Artificial element can ruin the natural components.

Benefits of the oil:

The benefits of this oil are considered as endless. This is very useful to kill air born bacteria from our places. This helps to get relief from pains. Fights various diseases like fever, cold and cough. This can help you to slow the aging process by ensuring regular and proper use. The oil is also used for proper furniture polishing.

How to apply:

This is directly used on the skin. You can use them as room sprays. This can be applied all over the skin with the help of contingent oils.

Medical information:

It is always advised to use precautions. Keep out you eye from the direct contact of this oil. Keep in a safe place so your children cannot reach them.

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