Oil source: 

Wintergreen plant

General description:

The wintergreen oil is collected from the leaves of wintergreen plant. The leaves are collected and boiled in water, which triggers the production of methyl salicylate. The plant is mostly available in North America. It has various health benefits which include the treatment of different health conditions.

Benefits of the oil:

The oil is very helpful for people to get rid of pain. It helps to increase blood circulation. The highly antiseptic property helps to fight infections. Provides huge benefits for people with their skin and hair.

How to apply:

Wintergreen essential oil is used while steam bathing. This can be also used with some carrier oils for relaxation and other beneficial purposes.

Medical information:

Do not ever drink or eat wintergreen oil at any condition. This can lead to a serious health condition. Make sure that the oil is out of reach from your children.

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